ghosts in the machine
deeply shallow
Shadow Of Myself
no exit
Night Dreaming
High Line Dream
Swan Lake
drawing for the making of Eye Cam rig
installation view

Perhaps one of the best ways of viewing and understanding our world around us is to have a birds-eye view and simultaneously looking close-up at the details.

From the outset influenced by the artists way of life and compounded by his seminal encounter with Santa Lucia portrayed with her eyes outside of her head, looking at the observer from the eyes carved out of their sockets, looking at the viewer, from her eyes in a plate held in her hand.

Part of the development of Flow (video) & Always Forever (stills) series has been the invention of a custom rig with an external optica lens through which to photograph, and to film.

The video footage and the stills images have 2 different types of rigs made specifically for each technique.

Always Forever series is shot in-camera with a custom made rig of an external spheric lens fixed to a digital camera.