Renato Grome's work explores the many facets of his personal identity, often from the perspective of an outsider looking in.

“I look at the world surrounding me with an out-of-body-vision, as though my eyes are outside their sockets, outside of my head, with a 360º vision.”

Grome is internationally known for his flower photographs produced through the technique of analogue reversal, creating images which are iconic, saturated and seductive, yet darkly disquieting. 

Part of Renato Grome’s quest is to develop new techniques to express each new series he produces. Some works are in analogue medium format, while at the opposite end of the spectrum, others are taken using a toy digital camera. Some of Grome's experimental photographs also involve the construction of custom-made rigs. 

Renato Grome has exhibited in private galleries and public art institutions in Bologna, Boston, Melbourne, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo and Trieste.